Arena of Valor Marksman Heroes

Hi all and welcome to our Arena of Valor Marksman Heroes breakdown and list!

As in any other MOBA  game, a Marksman’s position is key.  Keep that in mind when entering combat.  In fights look for opportunities to kill off the enemy’s main damage threat. While dishing out consistent but equally important damage on the rest of the enemy team. Lane mechanics wise, farming should be your first priority. Poking and killing enemies comes second. Engaging an enemy is dangerous unless you have the support of your teammates nearby.  Unless you’re fed and can one-shot enemies.


  •  Great at taking down structures.
  •  Excellent at split-pushing other lanes and destroying structures.


  • Low HP and defensive stats. Meaning you’re squishy and can be easily assassinated.
  • Crowd control ruins your whole purpose. If you’re not able to attack you’re not seen as a valid threat.
  • Most Marksmen have little to no escape tools.

Here’s a list of all Arena of Valor Marksman Heroes:

Aov Elsu

Mainly a Marksman, Elsu also has Support aspects in his Hero kit. With his Centuries he provides vision to the team. He gets bonus AD damage on enemies nearby Centuries also. Alongside that, he’s unique when it comes to Marksman. His ultimate ‘Disengage’ can provide him safety. While playing as Elsu players are given more room for screw-ups and bad positioning.


Packing high on CC (Crowd Control) and DoT (Damage over Time) as well as AoE (Area of Effect) damage, Moren is best put to use in team fights. He’s equally good in roaming around the map. As his combo of  Magnetic Storm and Impact Barrage stun enemies if combined correctly. To accompany that, he’s also one of the beefier Marksman. Tactical Maneuver stacks up bonus armor and magic defense stats.


Since his ability Thief’s Mark can be put to multiple use, Fennik is best put in the role of split pusher. Aim for weakened turrets and make quick work of them. Don’t wander off far away from your team tho. Since your ultimate Chain Hammer Cyclone is best used to zone off enemies in team fights.


Slimz as a champion can be put to use early on, as opposed to others.  Look for early ganks on enemy champions. Stun enemies with your Flying Spear insure easy kills. To add insult to injury he gets added bonuses from using his other abilities. Like increased attack damage. If not taken care of and shut down properly, Slimz can make quite an impact in any match.


If you choose to play Tel’Annas, look for team fights.  Since your damage is increased while you’re surrounded by ally champions. Not only that, your auto-attacks slow down enemy champions and speed you up, making you hard to deal with. Penetrating Shot and Arrow of Chaos provide you from additional damage to crowd control.  Enabling you to even look for more 1v1’s. While in fights you’re equally important.


The ultimate poke champion in-lane as far as Marksman go. Deliver devastating auto-attacks while moving in and out of combat constantly. Poke and push enemies out of your lane with Killing Joke. Because it’s a skill shot, be careful when aiming towards enemies. As it can hit multiple targets. The more the marrier. You’re even able to remove slow effects and gain immunity to physical damage for 2 seconds.


While auto attacking, every 3rd normal attack is a special one, from yellow and red to blue. With Yellow stunning your opponents, Blue refreshing your mana and Red hitting enemies with a splash of damage, as it’s a weaker version of your 1st ability. Clear minion waves fast with Bloody Hunt. Help out your teammates with a gank, stunning your enemy in place by using Curse of Death. Your ultimate is no slouch either. Providing solid damage as well as increased movement and attack speed.


Poking champions is the game, Violet’s the name. The only champion to surpass The Joker in poke potential while staying mobile at all times. With a combination of Tactical Fire and Fire in the Hole, you can stay safe at all times. As Concussive Rounds is your main ability based damage threat, all you need to do besides using your ult is auto- attack.

A Champion such as Yorn is nothing more than a typical glass cannon. He’ll need protection at all times. But when it comes to damage, he’ll deliver big. Maximize your damage output by auto-attacking in between casting abilities. To get your passive stacked up as fast as you can. Which only provides you with more DPS as you pick apart the enemy team one by one.


Best used in a team comp with huge amounts of CC, seen as her abilities are skill shots and her ult takes time to channel all the way through. With her Barrel Bomb also dealing damage to enemy structures, see to it that it’s put to maximal use. If you’re about to die, think ahead and position yourself amongst your enemies. As when Wisp dies she deals a solid amount of physical damage.


Store up your abilities as you use them in various combos to improve your damage and reveal enemies. As Lindis gains bonuses from dwelling in bushes, see to it that you use that as much as you can. Put into a position in which you’re surrounded with fog of war, clear your way by using Piercing Gaze. Also, don’t forget to lay down traps. They slow down enemies when setting foot on top of as well as deal damage. Strongly advised to place them in spots the enemy jungler is most likely to come from.

Ending up our Arena of Valor Marksman Hero list I’d like to add. Provided a high density of Heroes, think wise before picking and mastering a champion. As it takes a lot of time and getting used to!

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