Arena of Valor Tank Heroes

One of the types of Arena of Valor heroes is the Tank type. Arena of Valor Tanks usually have, as you would presume, high health stats and they usually have good mobility or crowd control or as it sometimes referred to as “CC”. Support heroes are sometimes tanks as their secondary type and these types of heroes along with pure tanks usually go to the Dark Slayer Lane or as it’s easier referred to as “Top lane” or “DS lane”.

DS lane is considered a solo lane, therefore, roaming supports and durable champions such as tanks usually have a good time here. Proof of this is that two tanks are at the top of the SS and S class for the DS Lane: Cresht and Y’bneth. Both of these heroes have good crowd control abilities and are usually played by roaming to mid lane or bot lane, depending on the situation.

They are hard to kill and junglers usually try to focus on more squishy targets. However, if you’re playing a support tank such as these heroes mentioned above, on DS lane you might want to be careful for early ganks to your lane since early on you don’t really have enough items built to really survive a gank if you over-extend.

AoV Y’bneth

Y’bneth is a tank/support hero that is very durable in lane, and with his ultimate ability Natures Realm, he’s very good at pinpointing enemies and exploiting their bad positioning.

AoV Cresht

Cresht is a tank/support hero that excels both in poke damage and early on healing and supporting. He can be played both solo in lane or with a marksman. His ultimate ability offers great CC and damage as well as giving him sustain in a fight.

AoV Gildur

Gildur is a hero that excels in early game poke as well as initiating with his first ability Siege. His ultimate is a channeled ability that fires golden shards that stun enemies on hit.

AoV Grakk

Grakk is a heavy crowd control hero that mainly uses his second ability Devil’s Chain to pull in enemies and in that way initiate fights. He’s also extremely good at holding down entire teams with his ultimate that pulls everyone towards him and deals a ton of magic damage in the process.

AoV Mina

Mina is a crowd control and damage tank hero that uses her Death Scythe to pull enemies towards her as well as taunt entire teams of enemies to attack her while taking 50% reduced damage from all of them (while they’re taunted).

AoV Omega

Omega is a disruptive damage tank hero that usually waits for the right time to completely dish out her entire kit onto her target or targets. Using Crash mode and her ultimate, Exterminate, she can both stun and knock back enemies while dealing huge amounts of damage in the process.

AoV Taara

Taara is a chase and pinpoint type tank. She has a weaker early game however once she gets her ultimate she can really harass enemies heavily while getting huge sustain and DPS. She is at her strongest while at lower HP with her Ultimate activated.

AoV Thane

Thane is a control damage tank that can use his first two abilities to completely immobilize or knock back enemies. His sustain in lane is good due to Royal Power, that reduced damage taken while he’s at 30% health or bellow. His ultimate ability dishes out huge amounts of damage and can’t be interrupted. It is best used after the rest of his kit is on cooldown.

AoV Toro

Toro is a control freak with a lot of damage, his passive makes him very hard to pinpoint and stop. Once he knocks enemies up in the air, he can use his ultimate for a devastating 3 hit barrage that slows enemies in the end.

AoV Arum

Arum is a heavy poke and control tank hero that uses her Spirit wolves to damage enemies consistently. Combined with her ultimate and her second ability Uncaged, she has huge burst potential on single targets.

AoV Baldum

Baldum is a control damage tank that has bonus armor granted by his passive and is good at catching enemy players off guard with his insane crowd control that’s extremely hard to play against. His ultimate can immobilize huge groups of enemies and his first ability Wild Charge can simply toss 1 enemy player into Baldum’s team once it connects.

AoV Max

Max is a lane bully that can use his poke damage to bring an enemy down to low HP, after which he can return to base for items and healing followed by his ultimate that can basically leap him across the map to his targeted enemy hero. His ultimate is extremely good at engaging from long distances.

This will conclude all of the Arena of Valor Tank Heroes. Stay tuned for more gaming info at Areol Games!

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