Brown Dust Guide

Hi all and welcome to our Brown Dust beginners guide!

In this guide, we’ll shine a light on things that new players should focus on and point you in the right direction from the very start.

Things on which players should focus:

  • Leveling up, gearing and applying runes to characters.
  • Doing missions, paying attention to which ‘day’ it is in Brown Dust.
  • Managing resources.
Leveling  gearing and  applying runes:

This should be your number 1 priority. Seen as RPG games revolve around players getting better gear and constantly evolving. Therefore putting themselves ahead of the rest.  When playing the Campaign,  you might encounter a choke. A point in which your characters just seem to be weaker than the enemies. Meaning you can’t advance further.

What should one do then? How does one advance further and can they? Yes, yes they can!

Brown Dust beginners guide - Campaign

In case that happens, you should just return to your previous chapter and re-farm it. What’s great about Brown Dust, is that like in other games, one can auto-farm their heroes. Apart from just farming up experience and leveling you should also apply runes and rank up your characters. Enabling them to eventually awaken, further down the line. When awakened, characters unlock certain abilities and grow in strength. Meaning that players should look forward towards that and also set it as a goal.

Doing missions and paying attention to the ‘Days’ in Brown Dust:

This is where it gets interesting. Doing missions alone will give you more than enough resources and in-game currency. Players shouldn’t oversee this fact. Since sometimes resources and currency may be all you need to take your characters over the finish line and make them stronger! You can upgrade runes, buy scrolls, costumes, and many more goodies which will only further fulfill your needs

Mission - Brown Dust beginners guide

On certain days, upon doing battles in specific game modes players receive greater rewards than usual. They just increase in number which may not seem as much. But in the grand scheme of things, it adds up to a solid bonus.

Managing resources:

As previously said, free-to-play players get more than enough from just playing Brown Dust on a daily basis. But, even as such, they still need to pay attention and organize themselves before spending it all. If put enough time into organization and planning, a free-to-play player can overpass a pay-to-play one. It’s all about taking everything into account and making the best of what has been given. Rank up and awaken your characters, evolve runes and purchase scrolls as well!

Resources - Brown Dust beginners guide

Warning: DON’T OVER SUMMON! Overspending resources on the summons are not advised. As you might invest a lot and not get much. Which will step-by-step just put you into a bigger choke hole, from which you’ll need more time to get out of.

Friendly tips:
  • Don’t tunnel vision on only 5-star characters! There are many 3 and 4 star characters in-game which can do just fine in your compositions.  Especially after you invest time and resources into them!
  • Use the auto-farm option as much as possible.  As it can only provide you with much-needed resources.
  • Keep all of your characters, even the lower tier ones!

That will be all for our Brown Dust beginners guide! Be sure to check out the rest of our posts and stay tuned for more!

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