Epic 7 Beginners Guide

The epic seven is a gacha role-playing g game, by Super Creative Studio. This 2D Animation Strategy driven by story game is rated as 12 years+ and it is playable in android, ios and pc android emulator like Nox player. This game is available in English, Traditional Chinese, and Korean language. It has a Google Play store rating of 4.4, making this one of the new trends eventually. Today, we are offering an epic 7 guide for new and experienced players with notable tips. Let’s start the journey of the seventh world with the goddess and heroes.

Certainly, as the game begins, you need to select four hero characters. The special function selective summon let you reenroll up-to 30time, till you manage to stay on a good satisfactory spot. You need to focus on getting only four characters for beating the story nicely. If you focus on limited numbers of character, it will help you to finish your game. Never overuse the resources on other characteristics that are not on your list of 4. You also need to explore PVE characters only first, and then you may continue with others.

Lorina - Epic 7 Seven Character

For the epic 7 guide, the characters are important for the in-game storyline. The characters are distinguished as per their ratings.

Some 3-Star Characters are Lorina, Camainrose, and Kiris.

Some 4-Star Characters are- Angelica, Karin, Armin, Silk, Achates, and Cidd!

Some 5-Star Characters are- Ravi, Sez, Haste, Sigret, Cecilla, Yufine, Krau, Iseria, Destina, and Tenebria.


With this in mind, if you want to create a new team, angelica, cidd, kluri can become helpful on later gameplay. Until chapter 46, these heroes will remain in mediocre power. Angelica as a hero is the best because she is the best healer that you need on the raid or other situations. The other characters for starting the game are- Sez, ken, Achates, Karin, cidd, and Krau also are your suitable choice.

In the game, you can choose from different roles, but you just keep one. You can just have on five stars per role, one 5-star hero is the best option in the game for 1-10. Because this game contains over 1000 unique storylines, so some part of the game required special characteristics, but don’t worry about that, just focus on the main 4 heroes and makes them optimum powerful.

Just like selecting the proper heroes will make the game easily winnable, the equipment is important too. Without them, progress is tough. The equipment is distinguished by various tires. But you need to ensure equipping your main hero with suitable powerful equipment. So, you need to upgrade all the equipment wisely. There are 5 different sources for getting the gears; certainly, the equipment found on any Adventure has respectively lower power quality than elsewhere. These are also some perfect fodder material to boost your optimal gear.

As for the epic 7 guide, you must try to clear the main storyline as soon as you can. Because. It results in you unlocking other hidden functions of the game. Some other character is also joining, once the game s finished. Then creating and playing the alternate endings are with powerful heroes will be like a straightforward matter. Certainly, joining guild will be a suitable choice for you. This is another way of getting high exp and boostable powers for your heroes.

Sanctuary - Epic 7

In the game, Sanctuary is the location where the resources to supplement heroes will available. With the ‘Breath of Orbis’ item, the sanctuary is also upgradeable for every location.  Getting an in-game currency is tough. The Skystone and Gold are the in-game currency for buying something. When you finish the daily quest, you will get skytones. If you collected Skystone and Gold that is not needed, you can use them to get a considerably rare item or boosts for the game from the secret shop. Without delay, your game will become much easier for beating other opponents.


Lastly, the action or the fighting’s are itself most promising and eye-catching than other games. In the epic 7 guide, they are divided as- Adventures that is the main storyline. Others are Labyrinth, Abyss, Hunts, Arena, and Challenge. The more you play and win the more exp and power boost you get. From the secret shop you can buy other stuff too, that will unlock as you progressing the storyline. The gears from the secret shop will helpful for winning the game.


Overall, the gameplay experience is great, and you will not sleep until you specifically win a certain part of the game. This epic 7 guide will end here, but as a player, as a matter of fact, I like to give this game 7.5 in 10 from the gameplay experience.

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