Food Fantasy Evolution Stone

Hello all and welcome to our Food Fantasy Evolution Stone guide.

Before talking about how to use the Food Fantasy Evolution stone, we’ll need to cover some important information, prior to obtaining and using the Evolution Stone itself.  First of all, you’ll need to level up your main level to a certain point. At which you’ll unlock the ‘Fallen’ menu, and in ‘Trials’ you’ll unlock the ‘Spirit Spring’ (Catacombs). Level 26 is needed for both to unlock.

Now that you’ve unlocked everything for yourself, it’s time to farm. Upon clearing Floors in the Catacombs, you’ll achieve a chest, from which you’re granted a few spirits.  All spirits can be found in the ‘Fallen’ tab afterward. Now that you’ve got your spirits, exit the Catacombs and open up the ‘Fallen’ menu.

Catacombs - Food Fantasy Evolution Stone guide

You’ll see all your current spirits displayed in the right portion of your screen, also known as the Spirit Vault. Spirits are graded from D to A, depending on the rarity. You’ll need to use up some of your crystals to unlock more Purifying slots. You can’t have more than 5 Purifying slots, but that’s more than enough. Spirits can be Purified or Awakened.

Empty Box - Food Fantasy Evolution Stone guide

-What’s the difference?

By Purifying a spirit, you’re granted a higher success rate for obtaining your desired Fallen Angel. Tho It takes a certain amount of time for them to get Purified. On the other hand, one can also Awaken. Awakening happens instantly, but your chances of getting the Fallen Angel you want are significantly lowered. Therefore it’s recommended to take your time with higher tier Spirits, and Purifying them as opposed to Awakening.  Aim towards awakening the lower tier Spirits. As the chances of failure decrease, and they are easier to obtain. Meaning you have nothing to lose by doing such.

Now that you’ve got yourself a Fallen Angel, you can aim towards creating Evolution Stones. Evolution stones need to first be forged. One can do that by smelting together 100 Spirit Particles. Smelting is random.

-What do we mean by saying this?

You can get from 1 up to 5 evolution stones upon smelting once.  The only materials needed are spirits, as mentioned previously. This is where it might get rough. As you can only farm up spirits In the catacombs. Although, you’ll probably have more than enough after farming for a couple of days.

Food Fantasy

Evolution stones can be put to use in Enhancing or Evolving your Fallen Angels. Upon Evolving, their pure stats get higher and they also become greater in rarity. While Enhancing further strengthens them towards becoming even greater and stronger.

Fallen Angels are important when it comes to Food Fantasy, so a decent amount of time should be put into farming spirits and planning on how to use them. Done right, they can greatly boost your main line-up. Enabling you to further advance in Food Fantasy.

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