Game of Sultans Consorts

Hello to everyone and welcome to our “Game of Sultans Consorts” guide! Here we’ll answer some of the most important questions regarding this feature of the game as well as touch on a few tips, so let’s get into it.

What are Consorts?

Consorts in Game of Sultans are your wives and according to history, we know that you can have many of them if you’re Sultan. They’re beneficial to boosting the stats of your empire, as well as giving birth to heirs that will ultimately contribute in the same way. Some Consorts are only available for VIP players and depending on which VIP status you have, you’ll get more or fewer consorts. A Consorts’ initial status is Maid, and depending on the amount of attention (Gifts and visits) you give them, they will gain different titles.

Game of Sultans Consorts Guide

How many Consorts can I have?

In Game of Sultans, Consorts have different statuses depending on your intimacy with them. From Maid or Noble Consort to Empress, you can have the status you choose with a consort. However, only one consort can be promoted to Empress as there’s only one slot for that role in Your Empire. Other than that you can have as many Consorts as there are available. There is no particularly important reason why we would go over all of the consorts separately, however, it’s worth noting how many of them there are. Currently, there are 27 consorts available in Game of Sultans, so that offers a lot of opportunity for boosting your empire stats, however, 7 of those consorts are gained only through paid VIP status of your account, so keep that in mind.

Marriage and Heirs

Every time you visit your consort, there is a chance that the two of you will produce an Heir. There are many different kinds of heirs that can be born however all of them require Vitality to develop. The rarer the Heir is, the more time it will take to develop. Visiting Consorts requires a stat called Vigor. It replenishes automatically and each time it gives you 3 more visits. The most common way of getting Consorts is the Masquerade, a place that you visit to meet new people. Here you could meet a woman, get to know her and then slowly start seeing her more and more until she finally becomes a consort.

Game of Sultans Consorts

Marrying your Heirs is another thing though. In the marriage tab, you can choose the status of your hair (Single, Married) as well as with whom you’re marrying them. However, you can also receive a proposal in which case you could accept and offer a ring or the right amount of diamonds. The purpose of marrying your Heirs to Heirs of other players is that you will get stats from both of the married Heirs attributed to your empire.

This concludes our Game of Sultans Consorts guide, hope you enjoyed and make sure to check out our other content regarding Game of Sultans if you’re interested!

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