Game of Sultans Union War

Game of Sultans is at its core, an Empire Ruling simulator. It sheathes the player into its universe like a sword into a belt, and among many things, it encourages the player to expand and use many available tactics to improve the strength of his Empire. So the more you’re familiar with all of the concepts the better time you will have climbing to the top.

Game of Sultans Union

This segment of Game of Sultans is there to help you, Great Sultan, carry out as well as participate in special missions. Sending Viziers on voyages, for the sole purpose of invigorating them so they can contribute even more to the Empire through their chivalrous ways, is vital to increasing the efficiency of your gold spending that of course correlates with your Viziers’ experience. By now you should know that leveling your Viziers costs either special Experience items or gold, however, Union Voyages will take your time and effort as a payment option. You will have to prepare your Viziers carefully and that can be done by boosting their attributes and also by binding scrolls that you can buy for tokens in the store to them.

Game of Sultans Union War Guide

Union War

Once you’re at the Union War screen, you will see 4 options below:

Rankings – Check the current player rankings in the Union War

Store – Buy scrolls and items to enchant your Viziers and boost their strength.

Predict – Predict the winner for a prize. This can be done even after you are disqualified or you lose.

Register – Sign onto and join the War yourself. This usually requires heavy preparation and time if you want to be successful. You will need to invest Grain and Diamonds as well as tokens to buy scrolls, however, you will also have a chance to win a lot of resources and valuables.

Game of Sultans - Attributes


If you decide to Register, there are a few important features to consider. First of all, there are 4 stages in the War:

  • Group Stage
  • Knock-out Stage I
  • Knock-out Stage II
  • Final Stage

In each of these stages, you will be able to modify the Viziers that participate, their formations as well as apply scrolls to them to make them stronger for that Stage. So make sure to max out your Viziers as much as you have the patience to before you start.

In the Stages tab, you will have Defending Viziers (On the left) and Attacking Viziers (On the right), or as the game calls them The Garrison and Vanguard. During the Registration, you will set-up your Viziers and once the Registration is complete, you won’t be able to change anything, they will stay like that until the end of the Week (Usually starting on Mondays).

Final Words

If you’re creating a Union, try to motivate as many people as you can to participate as even the smallest help will be important. If your Union starts passing stages you will surely have earned your title as Leader and more people will want to join your cause. That’s it for our Game of Sultans Union War guide, make sure to check out more of our Game of Sultans guides, here, on Areol Games.

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