Game of Sultans Viziers

Welcome to Game of Sultans Viziers guide. Viziers are an important feature of Game of Sultans because they can boost your empire’s strength in many different ways with their various talents and attributes.

How to get Viziers?

You will get viziers simply by playing Game of Sultans and achieving milestones in the Campaign. For example, Piyale is the first vizier you get at the beginning. He’s sort of a Jack of All trades as he’s good at everything, however, he doesn’t particularly excel at any specific trait.

Important things

When you unlock a Vizier, he will appear on your screen as well as his quote. What a Vizier says usually is enough to let you know what he specializes at, however, you will also see his talents below the greeting screen. Speaking of which, once you acquire a tome, you can choose to apply it to a Vizier, thus boosting his power. This is not the same as leveling that Vizier up, it is a separate task. Viziers are used in the campaign to finish off battles 1v1 against a foe as well as PvP battles.

  • Leveling up a Vizier will boost his attributes and it requires Gold. There are 4 attributes to keep in mind when looking at a Vizier:
  • Military – Represents that Viziers strength in battle (when dueling in the Campaign for example).
  • Research – Represents how much that Vizier contributes to the amount of gold you get from levies.
  • Politics – Represents the amount of Grain you collect from levies.
  • Prestige – Represents the number of soldiers you acquire from levies.

Game of Sultans Guide

Viziers’ Talents

To upgrade a Viziers’ talent you will need Enhancement Badges:

  • Military Books
  • Research Books
  • Political Books
  • Prestige Books

Remember that each of these books has a 50% chance to develop that specific talent. You can get Enhance badges by playing the campaign and getting, then opening “Badge Packs”.

One more way to improve your Viziers’ attributes is to use XP Books. XP Books are locked to a specific Vizier and once used, it boosts the XP of that Viziers’ attribute depending on which book it is. It has a 100% success rate.
And the last way to level up a Viziers’ talent is by using the “Almighty Badge” that has a 100% success rate at developing a talent.
The Greater the Talent of a Vizier, the more stats he will gain from leveling up so it’s ideal to have a Viziers Talent boosted before you start leveling him.

Viziers’ Attributes

Enhancing a Viziers’ Attributes can rapidly be done with Attribute Tomes that boost a Viziers’ random Attribute or a specific Attribute if it’s a specific Attribute Tome (Military, Research, Politics, and Prestige).
You will get Attribute Tomes by completing the Campaign and winning battles.

Game of Sultans Viziers Guide

Consorts and Viziers

Consorts in Game of Sultans can increase the stats of a specific Vizier. For Example, in the beginning, Canfeza can boost Piyale’s stats depending on your intimacy with her. This is found in the “Bonus” tab in your Viziers window.

This concludes our Game of Sultans Viziers guide. Be sure to check out our other Game of Sultans Guides, here, on Areol Games.

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