Stellar Age Beginners Guide

In this Stellar Age guide, we’ll go over some of the basics but we’ll focus more on the long term investing and saving strategies as well as fleet construction tips and tricks. Let’s get started!

Starting out

Once you create your account on Stellar Age, the game will do its best to show you core mechanics in a short tutorial. You’ll get to go on a pirate farming mission and you’ll be introduced to various buildings. However, this is only a mechanics tutorial and there is plenty more to know about this game than that.

Saving and investing

You will be tempted to use up Credits to save yourself a bit of time here and there, however, the best thing you can do with your credits at the beginning is save them for later! Upgrade timers and materials needed to complete those upgrades grow in need exponentially and in no time you’ll be faced with huge numbers of both. This is where those credits you will have saved up will come in real handy. However when it comes to using up materials, you can almost never go wrong but in general, try to have a specific goal that you’re building towards that way you’ll be more efficient.

Stellar Age Beginners Guide - Credits

Fleet Building

This part goes hand in hand with saving and investing. Make sure to check early on what the requirements are for the next ship to unlock in your space port. Follow that program with your materials and when the time comes, grab that ships technology in the Science Block and head on over to the Space Port where you will be asked to invest materials into the ship construction.

Stellar Age Beginners Guide - Fleet

Ship diversity and number

Now, regarding the number of ships. In the beginning, you should focus on Heavy Fighters since they are extremely useful in getting rid of lower level pirate camps that you will use to loot materials. 200-300 of these would be more than enough to satisfy a good early game pirate farming tactic. After that, you should carefully follow higher level pirates and their fleet and arsenal. Always find a ship that has a bonus against those specific pirates and build that ship for clearing out the camps. If you don’t have that ship yet, it’s worth the wait. Meanwhile, keep taking care of lower level camps.

Stellar Age Beginners Guide - Ships

Now let’s move on to ship diversity. Obviously, you can’t have perfect ship diversity in the beginning since you don’t have enough ships unlocked, however you can maximize with what you have. Just make sure that your diversity does not start becoming counter-productive where you have a bunch of different ships but not enough of individual types. Ship diversity is very important when it comes to attacking players. Now there are some situations where a player will have almost no defense and in that case you can just rush them down with normal ships but when players have defense towers installed, you’ll either have to wait until you have Bombers available, or just lose a LOT of ships in the attack which is rarely worth it, so keep that in mind.


The last thing we’ll touch on in this Stellar Age Guide is Corporations and it’s very brief advice. Early on join an advanced corporation by chatting with players from that server in the chat bar. There are always corporations looking for new players. You’ll get a decent salary and you’ll get to hang out with fellow mates also. Once you’re advanced enough and have more materials than you know what to do with, you can start building your own Corporation.

Stellar Age - Corporation


These are the very basics to get you started in Stellar Age, make sure to follow these steps and you’ll be sure to discover more along the way for yourself. The main thing is consistency and patience in this game since it is a long term base building strategy. Stay safe and Good luck!

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