Arena of Valor ESL News March 2019

The largest esports company known as ESL has made efforts to unite players and spectators in the Southeast Asia region and Indonesia with Clash of Nations. Arena of Valor is featured among other games and it will be played by the top 6 teams for 3 days (Match 29 – Match 31, 2019). The event is presented by Indofood and the prize pool is 50 thousand US dollars along with the first of ESL’s Clash of Nations trophy in the SEA region.

Arena of valor ESL News - Clash of Nations

Arena of Valor and Dota 2 will also be happening on 29th and 30th march in the frame of the ESL Indonesia Championship and the top 2 teams from each game will compete in the Grand finals and also qualify for Clash of Nations. 4 other teams will come from Philipines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia or Singapore. This is aimed at being a world-class championship that anyone will be able to watch and no doubt will be very exciting. However, the tournament and gameplay itself is not the only thing that will be available at the event. There will also be “gather rounds” for players to meet their favorite teams and players along with other activities. The ticket value is between 30 thousand RP for 1-day tickets and it goes up to 150 thousand RP for premium Three-day tickets.

Arena of valor ESL News - Qualifier

A few words about ESL

ESL or Electronic Sports League organizes tournaments for a lot of big names in the gaming industry a few of which are: Overwatch, Counter-Strike: GO, Gears of War, Halo 5: Guardians, Hearthstone and many more. They were founded in 2000 and mostly focused on console and PC games, however, with the rise in popularity of mobile gaming they are making the transition along with a lot of other companies to adapt to the market. This is why we get more and more tournaments for games such as Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor and ESL

ESL Play features Arena of Valor on their website. There you can track all tournaments that are being held, will be held or were held in your region or multiple regions. This shows that ESL is serious about the mobile industry and we’ll definitely see more and more of ESL’s organizers in 2019.

Arena of valor ESL News - Finalist Arena

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