Clash Royale ESL News march 2019

The time for Crash Royale news is now! Thus, here’s some news that we’ve been able to gather from the Clash Royale ESL official pages. Following the days ahead of us, a few tournaments will be played out.  We’ve gone ahead and decided to share with you only the more important ones. Listed below are the Major and Open upcoming tournaments for Crash Royale. Accompanied by the rules of each tournament.

The Go4ClashRoyale European Cup #6 is going to be played out on the 17th of March. With 120 competitors battling it out with each other in a chance to win  50 euros. As only the champion gets prize money and the others nothing.

Rules follow:

  • Players play best of 5’s, the first one to 3 victories will be the winner and moves on in the bracket.
  • If one is to disconnect while in an ongoing match they have 5 minutes to reconnect.  After which if they don’t show up the match is considered a forfeit.
  • Failing to show up on time or being late can be tolerated only if it’s in the reach of 15 minutes from the set time in which the match should start.
  • The player on the left side of the bracket shoots out the invite for the first match. After which the second player does the same. They should do as stated until one reach 3 victories.

Clash Royale ESL Upcoming Tournaments

Players are also required to report on the matches as the tournament goes on. Read all about the rest of the rules on the ESL Cup 6 Rules page.

Next in line with the largest amount of players signed up, as far as Major Tournaments go,  is the Go4ClashRoyale Europe Cup #7. Which will take part on the 24th of March 2019, a week after the 6th Cup ends? With the same exact rules. Moving forward on to our second topic subject, the Clash Royale ESL Open Tournaments. As of now, all of the Tournaments are meant for Latin America and Spain. Tho that doesn’t stop some of us from joining. With no prize money to win, only a few are interested in participating in the first place. But if you have spare time and just wanna test your deck out they’re worth checking out. The CR 1on1 Copa Nocturna #53 Latin America tournament is currently seeing most participants. It reached the number of 36 registered players already. So if joining one is what you’re looking to do, that’s the one you should aim for. It will be played out on March 20th of 2019. So hurry up and join! A display of rules can be found on the ESL 1on1 Copa Nocturna 53 page.

That’s all, on the topic of Clash Royale ESL news for now! As we move forward we’ll be sure to inform you of only the latest and greatest there is!

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