NCsoft`s Project TL News and Updates

Project TL (“The Lineage) is an up and coming MMORPG game that’s currently being developed by NCSoft (the company that published the first Lineage game in 1998). The beta testing has been completed in 2018 and the release date lands somewhere in 2019, although it’s not yet sure exactly when (probably Mid-2019). In the lengthy 4 and a half minute trailer we get to see on Youtube, there are already completed parts of the map and we get to see the overall theme of the game as well as the stylization which is no surprise similar to previous Lineage games.

Project TL - Gameplay

Thematically it focuses on the medieval period however there are supernatural elements of course. Lineage, back in 1998, was revolutionary and definitely re-defined the structure of online games and showed what else was possible for the market. With constant updates, it attracted a huge number of fans from all over the world. So when Project TL was announced you can guess the amount of excitement among the fans. The first lineage was a 2D-graphics game that featured a quarter view that offered stability and the illusion of 3D graphics. However, Project TL uses Unreal Engine so we might actually see a hybrid of 2D and 3D tech involved. From the trailer, at 3 minutes and 56 seconds, we can see the classes that will be available, and it looks like it will be the same or at least similar as in the previous lineage games. We see gameplay footage from a few classes of character as well as an overall story-line featuring a kind of Zombie vs Alliance theme.

Project TL - In Game

From our sources, we get that the console version of the game is being developed parallel with the original conception (Windows, Android, iOS). So we’ll definitely have a game on our hands that has adapted to the market as much as it could regarding that. It will definitely be interesting to see which console dominates in popularity with Project TL as well as observe the differences on each platform. However, it is suspected that the Android and iOS versions will receive the most attention due to the recent jump in popularity of mobile games in general. What will they choose to leave out on lower capacity platforms such as Android? With the ambitious philosophy of NCSoft, as they are making a bunch of other games that are not particularly MMORPG genre, the fans hope that the quality of individual games won’t go down.

We’ll just have to be patient and see what happens during 2019 for Project TL. Until then!

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