Project TL Release date – The Truth

With the recent announcements of the Project TL and Project TL Release date, some fans are skeptical of the optimism regarding the release date as well as the quality of the game and that’s not completely without reason.

The further delayed Lineage Eternal that was announced way back in 2011 has been postponed numerous times by the creators for nearly 6 years, and only in mid to late 2017 the fans got news that the game will be delayed further. Now we’ve got news that the Lineage Eternal project was canceled and evolved into Project TL.

Project TL

The skeptics definitely have their heart in the right place with this one, however, it’s worth pointing out that in the recent conference call it was stated that the game is financially doing well and that it’s on a good track. This is certainly good news especially combined with the amazing trailed we got to see of the gameplay and storyline. So with the trailer out, we can safely say that the game is coming out for good, the only question remains exactly when.

NCSoft states that the release date is not something they can pinpoint at the current time and one of the reasons is that Project TL is not the only project that they’re working on. They’ve got plenty of non MMORPG games in the making and it’s not easy getting everything in order. However, 2019 is their goal for the release date they say.

It’s worth keeping in mind that they have been keeping a keen eye on the recent rise in popularity in mobile games after PUBG mobile was released so it’s very possible that the Android version of Project TL will be released first, somewhere around mid-2019. After that, we’ll probably get delayed console and Windows versions but it’s expected that everything will be out by the end of December.

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