Arena of Valor Review

Arena of Valor is a multiplayer online battle arena featuring a 5 versus 5 and 3 versus 3, team-play based experience, where you will be able to try out many different heroes that are rooted anywhere from Chinese folklore to DC’s heroes and legends.

Arena of Valor Heroes Screen
Yes, that includes names such as Superman or Batman also! Arena of Valor (AoV) is published by Tencent Games and it’s available on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. And of course it sounds like a risky move merging a few of those genres of characters into one game, but the AoV game player base shows that this idea works. With millions of players worldwide the community has grown significantly from the early stages of the game. Before it had its current title, it was called Realm of Valor and after that, it was named Strike of Kings. However, it’s an adaptation of a game called Wangzhe Rongyao, which was originally intended for the Chinese market, even though Arena of Valor is a game that points beyond the Chinese market at the moment.

Arena of Valor Map
AoV currently has over 70 different heroes all around that you can try out in multiplayer on the Grand Battle mode (5v5), the Valley Skirmish(3v3) or the Abyssal Clash game mode. The Grand Battle mode is the most popular, however. It is divided into 3 lanes for each team: Top lane, Mid Lane, Bottom Lane and the “Jungle” territory. Heroes usually have a lane that they perform naturally better depending on their kit or ability set. For example, some heroes prefer teaming up early and some are better off farming Experience and Gold from Minions to snowball harder. Another fun aspect of the AoV game is team composition. It matters how you build your team regarding mages, range types, melee types and so on, similar to how it works in the popular PC MOBA “League of Legends” by Riot games.

However, unlike the item buying system in League, Arena of Valor allows players to purchase items for their heroes while they’re on the battlegrounds, away from their base. Killing minions is another thing to keep in mind as it is key to being able to acquire important core items for your Hero so you can dominate the game! Winning games reward you stars and to make sure you get yours it’s a good idea to keep up with upcoming patches to get ahold of the changes that will come for some of your favorite heroes. But if you just feel like chilling out while drinking a cup of coffee you can always go into Abyssal Clash where heroes will be chosen randomly for all players for a fast-paced and dynamic match.

On the other hand, if you want something that is in-between these 2 game modes, Valley Skirmish features 3v3 matches that are designed to be quicker but still retain a decent dose of competitiveness. Controls are simple and easy to get ahold of but can be hard to master depending on your hero. Generally, the left side of the screen is used for movement while the right side is used for combat controls.

Taking all of this into account, AoV is an incredible game that can be amusing to all sorts of gamers ranging from casual to heavily competitive since dismantling the enemy base step by step until getting to their core is always packed with incredible stories.

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