Brawl Stars Review

It’s time for a Brawl Stars review!

Brawl Stars is a free-to-play fully action packed cartoon shooter developed and published by SuperCell.  Available on Android and iOS devices. With Brawl Stars currently holding the number 1 spot on the Google Play Store free-to-play list, I’d say that SuperCell’s done it again.

In between collecting all the unique Brawlers and playing short but action-packed matches, one can easily get hooked to Brawl Stars. It’s safe to say that playing Brawl Stars is relaxing. Controls are simple, meaning that you can play Brawl Stars almost effortlessly. You walk around and shoot/ throw/ attack your enemies. With an empowered attack after your normal ones stack up.

Graphics are, as in any other SuperCell game, well done. Applying the cartoon touch to the game is good, as it appeals to the younger generations. Which only widens the player base and community. Enabling the game to grow enormously.

Brawl Stars Gameplay

Featuring game modes are:

  • Showdown
  • BrawlBall
  • Gem Grab.

Showdown is your classic battle arena mode. Fight off against other players to be the last one standing. BrawlBall is a soccer match, only with guns. Pick up the ball and score, while you’re clearing your path towards the goal by killing of the enemy team. Gem Grab may take the longest to finish. Your goal is to collect 10 gems and hold on to them until the timer runs out. Upon winning you gain Trophies, experience for your Brawlers and Tokens. Use your Trophies to move further down the line of your, ‘Trophy Road’.

The free-to-play system is fair. Meaning that players can actually play the game for free and achieve the same results as the pay-to-play bunch. You can buy gems in-game for real money. But only to get more loot boxes and skins. This doesn’t essentially mean that, by paying, players will get an in-game match advantage over others.

Action Packed Brawls - Brawl Stars

With a wide variety of Brawlers, pick up your favorite and head on to the battlefield. The main difference between them, apart from their stats, is that they have different types of attack and attack range. From short and long ranged shooters to bombers.

Brawl Stars already grabbed tournament interest. As on the ESL page, you can find on-going and upcoming team tournaments. Partner up and sign up for a chance at getting the first place! That will be all for our Brawl Stars review! Be sure to come back for more on Brawl Stars soon!

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