Brown Dust Review

Brown Dust has made its way on to the mobile gaming scene!

From publisher and developer NEOWIZ, we’ve been given the most tactical 2D RPG game yet, Brown Dust! Various play options have been given to players, but the tactical approach stays evenly spread among all! With every new battle, a different approach must be taken.

The Campaign has 49 stages to overcome. Every stage can be cleared on Normal and Hard difficulty. After which, upon completion unlock more adventures to come! When clearing stages, pay attention to the stage clear requirements. Upon embarking on your battles you can clear a certain stage as 1, 2, and 3 stars.

  • 1 star – Successfully cleared the stage
  • 2 star – Nor more than 3 of your characters die during battle
  • 3 stars – You finish the stage within 50 turns.

Brown Dust Epic Battle

Approaching the topic of battles, there’s a lot to take note of as here the game excels most. It’s strategy time! Take your time and build the best composition that there is. When approaching any stage, take into account the tiles that your characters cover.

Make sure you set the correct turn order too.  Seen as buff ups grant enormous amounts of DPS when done correctly supports are more important in Brown Dust than in any other game!  Provided proper buffs, you can completely wipe out the enemy lines with only one attack. Some characters Brown Dust Game deal more DPS based on the target hp. The lower the health, the more damage!  Meaning those characters should attack last and deliver finishing moves. Which character goes first, second or last can be game-changing!

Positioning is key in Brown Dust too! Place damage dealers properly vertically and spread your defensive lines equally horizontally. Defenders are to be put in the frontlines, but make sure that you cover every! When DPS characters come to mind, as they can hit multiple targets at once, be no slouch! Friendly tip: Certain characters take turns to load up their abilities. As such information is crucial, it can’t be left out in our Brown Dust review!

Brown Dust Fight World

What’s even more important is that formations can be saved. Which can, in a certain way, make things easier for you down the line. With every battle bringing on different challenges better change it up as you see fit. Apart from your units, friendly ones can fight alongside yours too. Worthy of mentioning is that if they die, they don’t take away a star. They don’t provide any weaknesses to your line-up, just bonuses! Make sure you exploit them as much as you can!

With all the cool tactical features put into Brown Dust, developers lost track of animations. Landing abilities and attacking the enemy doesn’t provide you with any fulfillment. They are bluntly put, casual. If you’re looking for big explosions, fantastic ability cut scenes and finishing moves that hype you up for your next battles you’re better of playing games like Epic 7.

Besides the Campaign, one can grind out resources in Challenges and play PvP vs AI and other players in the Battle mode.  Alongside that Guild wars are provided too.

Getting duplicates can happen, just like in other hero collectors. In Brown Dust, you can use them to further improve your abilities. Runes and enchants are equally important, make sure not to lose track of them while you play!

The main difference between Brown Dust and other 2D games is that here your win conditions increase by improving your strategy, not just your characters. Making Brown Dust unique and further increasing its popularity.

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