Clash Royale Review

Published and developed by Supercell, Clash Royale is a real-time, base defense online card battle arena.
If you’re a Clash of Clans fan then you’ll definitely love Clash Royale, because here all that you know and love from Clash of Clans comes to life!
From collecting cards, building decks and casually ranking up in the arenas to competing in tournaments, Clash Royale has it all!

The game starts off with a friendly PvE tutorial, showing you how the game works and what you should do to achieve victory, with the PvP feature opening up as you finish up.

After you’ve finished the tutorial Clash Royale greets you with a clean and friendly, as well as detailed interface, which by all means makes the game even greater.
In the bottom bar, you’ve got your key features put in order. Amongst others, you’ve got the battle, collection and chest tabs in which you’ll be spending most of your time.

Clash Royale Arena

With different card tiers, expanding from the least wanted but equally important casual cards to the ones we all crave and strive towards, the legendary ones.

At all times, one’s allowed to have up to three decks constructed and prepared for use and in between matches you can freely switch from one to the other.

Combat is lane-based, put simply. You spawn your monsters and they go in a straight line facing your opponent. After the creatures are done dueling it out in the middle of the map, they attack the opponents Arena and King’s towers and as you can guess, who has more towers downed is the winner.

Clash Royale Deck

As you earn trophies and escalate into different arenas and levels, you get access to new cards thanks to numerous chests that drop after every match almost, as such the gaming experience is more fulfilling.

Opening up chests in Clash Royale gives joy beyond measures. Between, leveling your cards as you open up chests and a chance to get a new rare or greater card, is pleasing, to say the least, as is it’s unique to these types of games. While refreshing your card collection with new cards you level your old but trustworthy Giant and Dragon, which landed you victories in the past. Not only that but with the leveling feature, your old cards stay relevant as you play, which is also beneficial towards achieving your wanted ranks.

A well-rounded game, with a plethora of cards from which you can choose your chosen few to use in your respected Matches. Matches in Clash Royale are fast-paced, so you can get in a game or two while you’re waiting for your friend or in between classes at school.

Clash Royale Review - Arena

They begin with a starting time of 3 minutes, with a faster energy gain pace when the clock reaches 60 seconds, then energy stacks twice as fast, making it easier to spawn and overwhelm your enemy’s field with your army.

What’s worth mentioning in our Clash Royale Review, is that you’re paired with close to an equal of yours every match.
By checking your statistics regularly you can keep tabs on your Kings’s and Arena Towers. How much damage they do and how much it takes to take them down and many other things, such as how many wins you’ve got, how many times you’ve three crowned an enemy and what’s the amount of cards in your collection so far.

Finishing up our Clash Royale Review on a high note, I’d like to thank you all visiting our page! Stay tuned for more!

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