Epic 7 Review

Developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport, Epic Seven (or Epic 7 if you’d like) is a free-to-play 2D RPG PEGI 12 video game for Android and iOS systems.

The user interface is clean and you have easy access to everything and anything desired in the game. As well, upon entering the game you’re greeted by a background bar lobby screen. Accompanied by properly suited music. Giving you the friendliest of welcomes out there!

Friendly tip: The bartender runs a secret shop!

With Epic 7 being based on 2D animated graphics one can only imagine the amount of pressure that the artist and animations team was under.  As competition grows on a daily basis and to achieve success in the mobile gaming market you have to be creative and innovative. That said, Epic Seven delivered big on both.

Epic 7 Review - Gameplay

Ability cast cutscenes are insane!  It’s as if you can feel the power of the strike as your characters deliver a mighty blow to the enemies. Granted such animations, it’s only fair that we get alike characters. Character models have been treated with enormous attention to detail. Gear up and promote them, as they grow in level! Much like in other games, as it’s a collector type game, you stack up different rarity characters. They, apart from being able to use in battles, can also be used as materials for promotions of others.

Open up the Sanctuary, only to find new options in-game. Send your characters on different types of missions in the ‘High Command’. With an option to chose the mission type. Craft weapons in the Steel Workshop and put them to further use by carrying them into battle! Most importantly, collect free game currently upon opening up the Heart of Orbis!

Epic 7 - Summon Results

Go into Battle and chose for yourself, from a variety of content, where you’d like to set foot first. As the game thrives upon gameplay itself. Combat wise. In Epic Seven it’s turn-based. Turn priority depends on the speed of your characters. Much like in other games alike Epic Seven. The only downfall of Epic Seven being the Arenas. Why are the Arenas a downfall in Epic Seven you ask? It’s because they are not PvP based. Rather, it’s you going against certain AI (Artificial Intelligence) teams.

Epic 7 gets regular updates and has a very active community. To elaborate more on that topic. They have an active Discord channel, in which bugs and glitches seen in-game can be reported. As the Epic Seven team is constantly working on the game, feedback from the community is most useful. All considered Epic 7 is worth checking out. It’s highly addictive tho, so watch out!

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