Food Fantasy Review

Dive deep into the magical world of Tierra, into an adventure-management game called Food Fantasy! In our Food Fantasy review we’ll cover the basics of the game and how the player is affected by all the features, so let’s get into it.

With hundreds of food combinations and all sorts of collectibles one of which are food souls placed all over the map with a unique look, personality, and trait, you’ll hardly run out of game material to go over. You can track your missions and progress in the missions bar of course. Creating your own restaurant where you’ll be able to create food combos to impress with flavor and receive a fair amount of stars, as well as create your unique design, will be both a challenging and fun task to work on.

However, cooking is not all you’ll be assigned to. You need to worry about the Evil Fallen Angel invasion. You can get Fallen Angels in the catacombs and once you acquire one, you can either Awaken or Purify them. They’re basically like companions with perks and abilities however there are rarer ones that are of course harder to come by.

Food Fantasy

Before you purify or awaken an angel be sure to check possible outcomes so you know what you could get. While you’re at it, don’t forget to use Crystals to unlock Fallen Angel slots! Purifying angels is a good idea if their Purify success rate is high, but you can risk it all by trying to purify an angel with a low success rate which is advised against. As you can see Fallen Angels are a big part of this game’s mechanics and may sometimes take a long time to acquire, however, they evolve into all sorts of characters that will no doubt be interesting to interact with. Speaking of which, the character design is great as well as the voice-overs in-game but aside from the basic build of the game, the player base features guilds that you can join.  It is possible to create your own guild, however, it will require more time and energy invested into it. There are some barely noticeable glitches in the game but not enough to really impact the whole experience negatively. Overall the game’s stylization is interesting, the gameplay is sometimes repetitive but it does its best to stay amusing and engaging to the player, and it does that pretty well with crazy unlockables and customization features for your restaurant. Collecting your items that yield amazing traits combined with the ability to really play the game the way you want to, makes this game worth checking out.


The restaurant is part of Food Fantasy. It is divided into the kitchen and service part. The restaurant prepares food for your guests. Here you can decorate space according to your wishes, but only at higher levels. You have a few employees in the restaurant at the start of the game, but as you progress in levels, the number of employees will grow. Interesting RPG will awaken tastes and other senses. Discover numerous recipes. And the recipes you discover will depend on what kitchen you choose.

Food Fantasy


The food is very versatile. What foods you make depends on the type of cuisine you have selected. You have a Glorville, Light Kind and Sakurajima offer. There are even “Lost Recipes”. Make a dedication to this part of the game because there are many descriptions that will convey to you the world of food.


The currency that you have in the game is different. First of all, there are gold coins that are the most common means of payment. But we also have diamonds that are the most valuable means of payment. You can use diamonds for summoning 6 heroes, for example. Spend them wisely because they are hard to earn. There are Hearts, you use them for battles. Every battle costs some hearts. When you want to summon Food Soul you need to pay some Soul Embers. Soul Embers are a value which you use only for summoning. When you want to summon 6 heroes, you must pay with diamonds, just like we said earlier.

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