Forces of Freedom Review

Welcome to our Forces of Freedom game review!

Developed by Koyoki and published by the BRAVO COMPANY, Forces of Freedom reached a peak in everybody’s interest.

With multiple investors and a variety of people who have worked on other popular military games such as Battlefield and World of Tanks, helping the Koyoki development team, Forces of Freedom was assured success.  Not only that, but Koyoki also reached out for help and feedback from the International Military Community, for authentically looking guns and soldier models. Even in early access players grew a huge liking to Forces of Freedom and developers received positive feedback instantly. Making the game what it is today!

Their goal was to make a first-ever tactical combat mobile e-sports competitive game, which will then further expand and branch out as it grows. As it stands, taking into account all the hard work and research that has already been put into game development, they are on a good path in their goal to become pioneers in the mobile gaming industry.

Forces of Freedom Soldiers

Forces of Freedom, a tactical team-oriented combat shooter with a 5v5 matchmaking system and a maximum match duration of 4 minutes. Gather up with your team and queue up in your best attempt to try and overcome your enemies. Before deploying out, pick your player model. Anywhere from the 1960’s up to the most recent and modern look-a-like Snipers and Riflemen. With good tactics, anything can be achieved!

As mentioned previously, matches last only 4 minutes.  Making the game fast paced and therefore enabling you to play up to a few matches before class starts, or you need to get back to work. While playing, you’re using a third person camera view. With an already small screen of your phone, the third person camera gives you more vision of the battlefield and makes it easier to spot your enemies.

The player interface is our next subject.

In Forces of Freedom, the interface is a look-a-like to most other shooters, but on the plus side. It’s clear and easy to get used to.

Forces of Freedom Firefights

With a square shaped mini-map in your top right, giving it a more military and tactical approach and your health bar displayed in the bottom center. Your team is displayed on the top middle portion of your screen, with the match timer there as well. Guns are set aside your health bar in the bottom right corner and fps/ping is displayed in the top left, accompanied by the kill display just below it.

With an outstanding map design, Koyoki delivered there as in any other field. Barricades are actually bulletproof and provide cover. While the map in itself looks outstanding. With unique details all around you every step of the way. Everybody should keep an eye out when it comes to Forces of Freedom, as it is most likely going to stick around and even further improve as time passes.

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