Gacha Life Review

Gacha Life, among many other games, is a part of the ‘Gacha’ gaming experience, published and developed by the Lunime Team.

With over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, Gacha Life is a very fun, casual PEGI 3 game that can be compared with the likes of popular PC games such as SIMS, but with an anime touch to it.

Key features of the game being: Dress Up, Studio Mode, Mini-Games inside of Gacha, Gacha and Life Mode. Creating and dressing up your character is the main thing to do and as such, you’ve been given a variety of choices. With 20 slots to fill with your creations, It’s on you to decide how you want your characters to look. Chose as you see fit, from body, hair, face, and clothes to other attachments and props which you can have your characters use or carry around.

Gacha Life Body Poses

Alongside the character creation, one of the main things to do is create different scenarios in which your creations can interact with one another. You can make different backgrounds, wallpapers, memes or try and make your own visual novels, with a max range of 8 characters per scene. Most of all, what’s appealing is that you can make your creations strike a certain pose or move around, meaning they don’t have to remain idle.

Watch your characters sing, fight, dance or just stare at one another, as the game itself comes to life. You can create your own anime protagonist or evil doer. And if you’re creative enough, even a whole anime character line-up, with no boundaries set who knows what might end up happening. Or, if you’re running short on creativity you can always try and create a look-a-like of yourself and run around in the Life Mode.

What’s Life Mode for you ask?

-Through playing Life Mode, you achieve a higher Main Level as you develop personal friendships with the NPC’s.

You’re wondering maybe, why should I do that?

-As one reaches Main Level 5, the chat opens up, thus giving you the option to interact with other players online.

Gacha Life Yuni Talk

And if none of the above are things that you see fit or fun, you can always just have genuine fun in-game by playing mini-games inside of Gatcha Life.

You get loads of gems by doing so. and if have some spare time on your hands you can even get double the gems.

Gacha Life Mini Games

Gems could be put to use in the ‘Gacha’ mode. In which, through buying gifts, players obtain additional goods and recover stamina as they shop. As both stamina and the goods are needed in Life Mode for relationships and friendship building with the NPC’s overall, you can see how the game comes around full circle, as nothing that you do seems like a waste of time in Gacha Life.

The Lunime Team implemented Leaderboards for the mini-games also, which may lead some players towards playing them more, breaking the boredom of just being creative all the time. See how the games bring out the competitive side of you as you rank up and surpass others!

Gacha Life is appealing to a wide audience, simply because it covers a lot of ground, player interest-wise, with all the given possibilities and interactions.

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