Game of Sultans Review

Welcome to our Game of Sultans review. It is an empire RPG simulation game that encapsulates the player inside a redemption story of a Young Sultan, played by the player, on his way to conquer everyone on his path. During the storyline, you will encounter many different foes and obstacles that will require you to build your army in order to stand above them all. There are many different parts of your empire and each of those parts has a unique function. For example, the Imperial parliament offers you two consultants that will inform you of the state of your empire. Specifically, Ahlemek will inform you if you have Levies available. And Hocas will inform you of imperial Affairs. Levies are collected by clicking on them and there are 3 types of Levies: Gold, Grain, and Soldiers. Imperial Affairs, on the other hand, have a limit set on them.

Game of Sultans

Whenever you complete an affair you gain an item or a perk that you can apply for one of your viziers, which brings us to the next big thing: Viziers. There are a plethora of Viziers available in Game of Sultans and each of them has a role in your empire. Leveling up your viziers will cost you gold, however, they are extremely useful in dealing with multiple problems that you may encounter on your path. There are many other features available of course, but we won’t go over all of them in this review. All in all, there are a lot of progress bars in this game and they always take your empire 1 step further.

Game of Sultans Characters

As your empire grows, your Sultan will become stronger and stronger. You will be able to meet women that will, later on, become your Consorts that will give birth to Heirs. One downside of this game is repetitiveness and it can dull the experience out for the player, all though some players enjoy the grind. In this way Game of Sultans is not for everyone, but it can and will fulfill a gamers’ needs in a lot of ways. Seeing your Empire grow from a young and weak one to a dominating and strong empire will definitely encourage players to keep playing and in the end, compete with other players. The Storyline might be a little too straight-forward but it does get harder exponentially. So you’ll need to save time by investing intelligently in things that you’ll need and not just waste gold and energy on things that are less important at that time.

In that way Game of Sultans has a wisdom feature to it that makes it interesting if you’re looking to really get into the mechanics of the game. Besides, it is wisdom that separates successful Sultans from the ones who ultimately fail. Do you have what it takes to become the best?

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