Guns of Boom Review

Guns of Boom is an online, multiplayer first-person shooter game available in the Google App Store. The gist of the game are numerous weapons and weapon types along with impeccable map design that allows any weapon to be exploited in a way. This makes for interesting in-game strategies that are always fun to see. Whether it’s machine gun camping or shotgun rushing this game always leaves the player avid for more.

Customization – Guns of Boom

Customization is a big part of this game and there are tons of customizable features on your character as well as your weapons. However, it’s worth mentioning that it’s very time-consuming to acquire special items in-game and usually players just give in and purchase the in-game currency to accelerate the process. From hats to pants there is everything here and you will surely be able to come up with a character design that suits you.

Guns of Boom Customization

Gameplay and Ranked

Guns of Boom gameplay is, as mentioned above, pretty balanced on its own. However, the ranking system isn’t what it could be. There are way too many players in the very highest rank of the game which is Diamond, and it really shows that the players need a better tier system to show their skill. Sure there is a number or a score of some kind differentiating more skilled diamond players from the worst ones, but why not have a tier to show for it too? In these kinds of systems usually, the percentile system or rarity chart is used with careful tweaks to the system to accurately place players in their deserved ranks. Currently, there is an ELO number and the average ELO is much higher than the middle/average tier in the game.

Other than that there is a small issue regarding the correlation between rank and arsenal. For example: A player can have for example the lowest rank in the game, but once he purchases new weapons and gear with real money, for example, his strength suddenly skyrockets while his rank stays the same, resulting in unfair gameplay for a while, until that player reaches his real ELO, it’s a similar problem that League of Legends or Dota 2 players face with smurfs, but in this case, it’s not skill that separates these players from their current rank, it’s their fresh new arsenal.

Guns of Boom Review


All of this taken into account, Guns of Boom is still a very good first-person shooter that you can play on your mobile device and have a blast doing so. There are tweaks possible to the ranking system for more serious and competitive players, but ultimately games are supposed to be fun and Guns of Boom succeeds in that regard.

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