Homescape – Review

The Homescape game is for all ages. It has good graphics and is suitable for people who like the design, interior decorating, puzzle etc. The game was made for Android and iOS systems. It’s free to play. The game was made by Playrix. Playrix is a designer of Grandescape game, too. There you can reconstruct rooms and take rewards. The genre of this game is a puzzle. Homescape follows the story of a nostalgic Austin who returns to his birth home. He doesn’t want to lose the house, so he decides to invest in it and to renovate every room in the house with your help (player).
The game is huge because there are a lot of places that you need to fix. When you start the restoration of the house, a lot of beautiful surprises await you. First, you will get a parrot who needs a cage. Later you will get a cat that will be your greet pet.

Austin’s parents also appears in the game. They will be frequent guests in the house you are renovating. Everything that Austin wants is to stop his birth home from turning into ruin.

As the game progresses, the player (in fact you) will get to know details from Austin’s childhood and you will even go much deeper to getting to know his parents, William and Olivia.

During the game, you open up a house. Each room is divided into parts and each of them needs to be renovated. You will have to specifically renovate furniture, walls, flooring, special cabinets, kitchen elements, beds, etc.

To restore furniture and the entire room, you need to play the puzzles and fulfill the goals  that are assigned to you.

In this way, you collect the stars you need to repair the furniture, replace the wallpaper, buy a parrot cage, replace the carpet, etc.
As you can see, the game is great and when you scroll the mouse on the map screen it shows you many rooms in the house that you need to fix and arrange. You can not play the game as much as you like if you lose your lives, because you have hearts that represents your life. If you run out of lives you will not be able to play for a while until it’s full.

You have gold coins that serves to buy another 5 moves if you spend everything on a puzzle game, and with golden coins you can buy hearts and many more items. They are like money in the game. More about coins in text “All you need to know in Homescape game”.

It was a brief description of the game. How it works and what is waiting for you during the game. But, there are many wonderful surprises in this game, dive into the story and delight your senses.