Homescapes – Review

It’s time for a Homescapes review! Developed and published by Playrix, Homescapes is a highly addictive puzzle game made for iOS and Android systems.

Follow Austin and friends in their attempt to re-decorate their family mansion.
With a storyline to boot, Homescapes is one of the most played puzzle games ever seen on the Google Play Store.
Unlike any other puzzle game, Homescapes actually gets harder to play as you reach higher levels. More challenging rather.
What’s good is that, while challenging, there are still only 2 objectives, per puzzle. By completing levels you get your points (stars), with which you finish your daily tasks.
At the very start, most of your tasks will only cost you one to two stars. The price gets higher as you approach level 300 and above.

Separating this game from others in its genre is the uniqueness it brings when it comes to gameplay.
By combining normal pieces in a certain way, depending on the structure, you get create Special Pieces, such as Planes, Bombs, Rockets and Disco Balls.
Here are the effects they bring and the ways in which they can be matched up, to achieve greater success:

– Plane: When used, they aim at helping you clear one of your objectives that map. Be it clearing the last cookie or collecting your last blue square.
– By combining 2 Planes gives you one bonus plane and a mini AoE (Area of Effect) clear.
– If paired up with a Bomb or Rocket, it act’s like an aimed transport tool. Transferring and bombing the spot that actually matters to you.

– Bomb: Like in any other game, Bombs are used to mainly clear a certain area around them.
– By combining 2 Bombs just provides you with a bigger AoE clear.

– Rocket: They clear full lines, vertically or horizontally. Depending on which rocked you’ve created.
– By combining 2 Rockets, you clear simultaneously, both vertical and horizontal lines.

(If a Bomb and a Rocket end up combining, the following happens. Three rockets, instead of one, end up clearing everything horizontally and vertically)

– Disco Ball: They act as multipliers and collectors. The strongest Special Piece in-game.
– If combined with a normal piece, it collects all alike. Matching together 2 Disco Balls clears the boar out.
– If you combine a Disco Ball with other Special Pieces it acts like a multiplier, example: Granting you 10 Planes out of just 1. Or 10 rockets/bombs, depending on what you match it with.

Last but not least, a thing worth mentioning is that events are worthy of your attention. By ranking up and staying at the top of the ladder, one’s gifted with a variety of goodies.
Thus ending our Homesapes review!


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