Knights Chronicle Review

Hello all and welcome, to the Knights Chronicle review!

In this Knights Chronicle review, we’ll go over some of the core and must mention things about the game
as well as a few fun facts, which come as bonuses to an already well-developed game. Developed and published by Netmarble Games, Knights Chronicle is a free-to-play turn-based anime RPG game created for the Android gaming platform.

Evolving and leveling characters, enhancing skills, going on solo adventures or multiplayer/guild runs,
added bonuses from the guild and fully animated cut scenes during battle, what more could a gamer ask for?

In your quest to save planet Garniel, you compose a team of Heroes and take on the bosses one by one.
Your Knights Chronicle team should consist of a tank and healer in all and any occasion, accompanied with
3 dps characters, making a full team of 5 members. With over one hundred heroes in the game, this shouldn’t come as a problem.

Like in any other RPG game, leveling’s crucial. It leads to the improvement of your Hero’s basic stats as well as the spells that they use. In my opinion, leveling through dungeons is most efficient, but don’t forget the XPmon tickets. They come in handy, a very unique and fun added feature to the game.

Knights Chronicle - In Game

Evolving characters is also important. Besides, it also changes the look of your character, which breaks
the monotony of the game in a way.

Knights Chronicle - Evolution image

Equally important are the talents and skill enhancing, tho that comes later on in the game it’s important to do both. Talents upgrade your Hero further as well as enhancing.

What’s worthy of mention in the Knights Chronicle review is what I also found the most fun and that’s the anime crossover with a few characters from the popular anime series such as Fullmetal Alchemist and Fairy Tail. Let’s face it, all of us at some point wanted to role-play as our favorite anime protagonist. Of course, It wouldn’t be fun without the amazingly done 3D graphics. The graphics team has done a remarkable job! The battle’s get you hyped as you blast your enemies down with Roy’s fire or Edward’s alchemy.

Most importantly, what’s in all of our interests is that while playing, we do it most effectively. I strongly recommend and advise all to do the daily, weekly and monthly challenges, as they give you desired gems, coins and all sorts of goodies which you’ll be in need of. Keep up with events and regular challenges also!

Final thoughts:
Thank you for reading the Knights Chronicle review! I think that the game’s a definite must try for all anime and RPG fans, so let’s not waste any time! Hop on to the Play Store and download the game now! Every second counts, so don’t miss out on any of the fun! Invite your friends too, the more the merrier!

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