LifeAfter Review

What is LifeAfter?

LifeAfter is a new free to play zombie apocalypse multiplayer survival game that’s available on Android and iOS released by NetEase Games. Being made originally for the Chinese market but has now spread to other regions with the English language available, this game offers the player a lot of detailed mechanics and a vast world to explore alone or with friends.


Players have to work in teams and protect themselves from zombie hordes as well as shield yourself from other players or make alliances with them. There are plenty of resources scattered all over the map that the players will have to learn how to use in order to come out ahead of the rest. Aside from zombies and other players, there are real wilderness dangers to worry about. From Wolves to freezing rainy nights, the players will have to endeavor on a long journey unsure of all that’s waiting for them out there. The ultimate goal is to create a safe haven for players by setting up camp with trusted teammates where you will finally be safe.

LifeAfter Play


Graphics are quite good for this mobile genre. There are a lot of world details available and it very much resembles the early PC versions of some horror games back in the day like Silent Hill so definitely more than worth checking out with your friends if you’re into survival RPG’s. There are a lot of graphics options so you’ll be able to adapt the game to the capabilities of your device. For example, you can lower vegetation since it’s not a core part of the game and won’t affect your overall experience too much. Shadows, Lighting, and Rendering are also choices.

LifeAfter - Survival Episode 1


Once you start the game, you will find yourself or yourself and friends in a convoy rushing away from a horde of zombies, here you will learn how to fight zombies off as well as some other basic mechanics. The convoy soon crashes and there starts your journey once you meet Aleksey but we won’t go into too much detail in this LifeAfter Review since we wouldn’t want to spoil too much for you. However, it’s up to you to find out how it all began perhaps? Will you focus on building a stable and sustainable base with your friends, or will you venture out into a risky but thrilling adventure into the vast world of LifeAfter?


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