PUBG Mobile Review

PUBG mobile, the birth child of PUBG PC version was announced by Tencent games after the success of previous versions. The game was released on February 9th 2018 and with around 75 million pre-registrations it was bound for a road of success. In this PUBG Mobile review, we’ll go over the key elements of the game and compare them to the PC version occasionally so let’s get started.

The Graphics

With the implementing of Unreal Engine in newer mobile games, PUBG Mobile didn’t have much of a choice. Unreal engine provides ambitious tools for any developer and it offers top, uncompromised quality for games and that shows in PUBG mobile. The graphics are quite simply put revolutionary for mobile games and it runs very well on its platform.


One thing the players were concerned about is the F2P model however PUBG mobile does not support this model at all. Sure the player can purchase all sorts of things in game but it will make little to no difference in the actual PvP gameplay. The map Erangel was the only map that was adapted to the mobile version from the PC version, other maps are made for mobile separately. Erangel and Miramar are the largest maps featuring a 8×8 kilometer environment however Sanhok and Vikendi are smaller maps (4×4 and 6×6). The gun game, of course, thrilling with a huge number of guns available for the player to choose however the precision and the skill cap is lower since it is harder to mimic the mouse precision of PC’s on mobile devices, however, it does well with what it has. All around there are very little to no bugs in the game and that combined with amazing FPS provides a smooth, enjoyable multiplayer experience packed inside your pocket at less than arm’s length.

PUBG Mobile - Gameplay

And as for the vehicles in-game, there are plenty of vehicles that suit any type of transport that players might need, even though this is not a crucial element of the game by some opinions, it is a core part of PUBG and it would have been a shame if it wasn’t adapted into the mobile version.


The diversity of guns offers players to really create their personalized arsenal during the gameplay and choose their way of playing the game especially early on in teams. The guns chosen also rely quite heavily on the map that’s being played. For example, the Sanhok map is made for players who enjoy fast-paced gun game where anything can happen in a moment’s notice. On the other hand, Erangel and Miramar feature a more Battle Royale, slow gameplay that usually utilizes high range and precision snipers.

PUBG Mobile Weapons


PUBG mobile remains as one of the most revolutionary and most popular multiplayer mobile games and it’s gotten there with top notch quality and managing to satisfy the needs players of all sorts. It’s a game that you have to check out and try for yourself, the hype is nothing compared to the actual experience so hop in as soon as you can to witness it all for yourself!

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