Raid Shadow Legends Review

Developed and published by Plarium, RAID: Shadow Legends is a turn-based, fantasy RPG with numerous Champions and stunning graphics.

What’s unique is that in Raid Shadow Legends as your main levels improve your city unlocks. Most players get confused by seeing everything open and available for use when they first open the game, therefore dropping the game, as they screwed up with something at the start.
With a step-by-step approach, Plarium eases the fact that you’re a fresh player to Shadow Legends and makes you feel welcome.

Raid Shadow Legends Review

With a more serious take on graphics and animations, Raid Shadow Legends is a game much like Knight Chronicle, a Champion collector.
In which you construct a team of a chosen few Champions. Afterward further put into use by battling in a variety of encounters.

One of which is, a deeply detailed and well put together Campaign offering an almost endless amount of battles and other Combat options, such as:
Dungeons, Arena and Clan Boss. Clan Boss available to clan members only, meaning that Raid Shadow Legends in itself is advising you to join a Clan, get social and with group effort best the menacing bosses.

Raid Shadow Legends - Fight

Nothing new, but worth mentioning, is that your team should at all times have a tank and a healer in addition to that, a few damage dealers like in any other game.

Fights in Campaign mode consist of teams in numbers of 4, while in dungeons you add an additional member to your crew, making your team a 5 man fantasy unit.

Plarium helped us all out with choosing our teams for each battle, with a little display of colors in between the two teams. With red being superior to blue, blue superior to green and green to red. Yes, in that exact order.

Upon leveling characters, apart from gaining exp, you feed them others. Meaning the more the marrier and yes, Champions are materials in this game too.
By opening up Mystery, Ancient, Void and Sacred Shards in the Portal, you’ll get the materials needed. Of course, every Shard has a chance to drop a certain tier Hero, therefore here’s a list:

Mystery Shard – Common, Uncommon and Rare
Ancient Shard – Rare, Epic and Legendary
Void Shard – Rare, Epic and Legendary
Last but certainly the best one that you can find in-game, is the Sacred Shard. With a chance to drop only Epic and Legendary Champions.
As crystal drop pretty often, you won’t have trouble finding them.

Raid Shadow Legends Characters

Alongside leveling characters, one can also upgrade Rank, Skill’s or spells and Ascend Champions.
Ascending a champion means that they get upgraded passive stats as well as unlock new Skills.

Regular visits to the Great Hall are advised, as there you’ll find your passive bonus trees. By earning Medals in the Arena, you can spend them and get everything you’re looking for and in need of.

Rounding our Raid Shadow Legends review up with thanks for visiting and reading our content! Make sure to come back for more!

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