Skylanders Ring of Heroes Review

Skylanders Ring of Heroes review time all!

From the developer and publisher Com2uS, alongside Activision, we get another Skylanders game to add to an already long Skylanders list. Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a free-to-play RPG collector game, more appealing to the younger audience. Mostly because of the graphics and the Pokemon-like take on things. But it could also be fun for teenagers and grownups, seen as the appeal of collecting has no age.

Mainly your goal is to beat the forces of evil, with your team of Skylanders. When picking your line-up, chose wisely, as there are more than 80 Skylanders in-game. Not only that, but you need to power up, awaken and evolve them as well and that, as you can imagine, takes time. Runes can be applied to your Skylanders too, as a further boost.  Unlike in other games, in Skylanders, you can use Villains, as they can accompany you in your battles.

Gameplay Screen - Skylanders Ring of Heroes

With available modes for play, such as the Campaign, Arena and Challenges. Playing either mode gives you ways to strengthen your team further and increase your collection. Graphics wise, the game’s astonishing. All attacks and abilities cast are fabulously detailed. Giving us all the more reason to play.

Are you a fan of cutscenes and storytelling?

-To accompany the already beautiful in-game graphics players have been provided storyline cutscenes. On the other hand, let’s say cutscenes are not quite your cup of tea, fear not!  With an option to skip them, you’re assured that you don’t waste any time watching them.

Characters - Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Your team will attack automatically If you don’t pay attention or get sidetracked. Every Skylander brings two of their abilities to battle. Giving you a total number of six abilities, as only three Skylanders can be taken into battle. Organize your attacks in the best strategic way to overcome your foe. Combine spells in the most efficient way possible! Don’t forget, Villains can lend you a helping hand every 30 seconds, so take that into account!

The ‘Spectating’ option only widens players options and brings uniqueness. Let’s say that your favorite character is too weak for you and you can’t put him into use, but you’d love to. Rather than backtracking and farming exp for him separately, you can just bring him along as a Spectator to your matches and passively strengthen him while still progressing forward. As to you every battle you can bring 2 desired companions. Alongside the ones on the battlefield gain exp and level up.

Much like in Pokemon, ‘Evolving’ a Skylander is permanent. That alone gives joy as far as playing the game goes. Adde to that, by evolving your Skylanders grow in power.

That about sums up our Skylanders Ring of Heroes review! Thanks for reading!

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