Stellar Age Review

Welcome to our Stellar Age Review Colonist! If you’re into space base building and epic interstellar battle strategies that you can use to conquer your enemies planets then you’re most definitely in the right place. With more than 20 thousand colonized planets on each server, you won’t be lacking in amusement whether it’s you attacking someone else or someone else attacking you. Stellar Age does an excellent job at connecting all parts of your base into 1 organism in which every element is important. From your Radar to your Science Block, all buildings will affect some aspect of your overall progress since usually building upgrades requires some other upgrades to have been completed. Use your Space Port to create ships suited for the battle you want to fight and adapt your strategy to your opponents’ fleet.

Stellar Age - Heavy Fighter

Looting enemy planets is a huge part of Stellar Age but be careful, once you loot a players planet, he will most likely come for you once he sees what you’ve done. So make sure to build up your defenses before you log off or even better, bunker your fleet and resources so even if your opponent attacks you, a good portion of your planets wealth will be unaffected by the attack. A great way to make friends and collaborate with neighbors is the Corporation system that implements salaries for members. You can create your own Corporation or join another one however, in the beginning, it is easier to join another corporation so you can get ahead faster.

Stellar Age - Corporation

The Community is very friendly and supporting so feel free to use the chat system to talk to other players if you have any questions concerning you or ideas that you want to share. If you build up good relations with players, you can even attack in teams, making your blows even more devastating for your enemies in Stellar Age. Upgrading your Mission Control Center and Space Port will yield a more diverse set of ships that you can create. Putting some effort into arranging your defense and offense with diversity will make sure that you’re well prepared for any attacks coming your way. On the other hand, players might not even attack you if they see a strong defense since it just won’t be worth it for them to lose half their fleet for just a portion of your wealth. Your planet in stellar age will grow exponentially and so will the price for upgrades. So make sure you build up your science block and depots so you have enough materials for those upgrades. Also, if you want to get ahead even faster, there are always available bundles that you can purchase.

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