Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks

Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks time!

We’ve divided this thread into two parts. First, we’re going to talk about tips regarding in-game currency, followed by some tips on general gameplay.

In-game currency:

Players usually make the biggest mistakes when it comes to spending in-game resources.

Most of all you’ll need your coins to level up your brawlers. So don’t overspend them in the shop. The only thing worth spending your Coins on is the Star Power for Brawlers.

How to spend gems in Brawl Stars?

You can get them for free. By collecting them over time or just straight out buy some using real money. The only tip here is that you should aim towards spending gems on Token Doublers. As that is the best investment players can make.

Shop - Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks

Brawl Stars – Gameplay Tips:

First of all, watch your ammo and don’t overreach in battles. It’s better to save your shots for when your enemies approach you than to randomly spam around yourself. Also, Brawlers have different reload times. That should be taken into account when entering combat. If you have extra ammo on you, aim towards using it to clear bushes. To check if any enemies are hiding in them.

Secondly, you should learn the range of Brawlers. Not only the ones you play, but also the rest. The more you know about the game and gameplay, the better.

Explore some more and find out which Brawlers are best on certain maps. As you play the game, you’ll figure out for yourself which Brawlers suite you best. Keep in mind that some are better on certain maps than others.

Event - Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks

Also, learn who counters who. This can be most beneficial as you aim towards better ranking.

Planned deaths, have you heard of them?

If a certain teammate is holding more gems or is worth more stars than you take into consideration that you can benefit more to the team by dying or sacrificing yourself. Acting like a human shield. Enabling your ally to stay alive further and giving your team that little extra push needed to take the game over the edge and turn it into a win.

Finding people to play with is also important. You’re better off playing with a certain few than with random players every match. Watch how the quality of your matches improves, as you switch to playing with friends as opposed to randomly matched people. Join Discord servers or Bands, be social.

Most importantly, learn to stay positive! This is a general gaming tip, not bound to Brawl Stars only. If one can stay positive and learn from their mistakes than he/she is assured success further down the road.

That would be all for our Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks, stay tuned for more on various mobile gaming articles right here on Areol Games!

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