5 interesting Food Fantasy Female Characters

Hi all and welcome, to our list of 5 interesting Food Fantasy Female Characters!

To open up our list of Food Fantasy Female Characters, we’ll start with none other than a tank, and her name is Gingerbread.

Gingerbread - Food Fantasy Female Characters

Gingerbread is a UR Food Soul who’s Preferred Fallen Angels are Ghostern and Thundaruda, and her  Linked character is Red Wine. With her abilities ‘Silent Cross’ and ‘Shimmering Christmas’, she provides a certain amount of Crowd Control, as well as shielding and bonus stats for herself.

Following up on the tank role, we’ve got a Food Soul from the Support class, and she’s called Yogurt.

Yogurt - Food Fantasy Female Characters

Yogurt is an SR Food Soul, who Links with Salad and is Linked with Mango Pudding. Your Fallen Angel of choice here should be either Hamstero or Uke Mochi. Providing solid amounts of damage with ‘Poison Milk’ and Healing teammates and removing negative effects upon the use of ‘Sweet & Sour Purification’ can be beneficial in certain occasions.  Her Link Skill is called ‘Super Sweet & Sour Purification’. The only difference being that she heals for a larger amount.

And now, we transfer to the damage dealers. Opening up our list of DPS Food Souls is none other than Sushi from the Strength class.

Sushi - Food Fantasy Female Characters

Sushi is rated SR and she Links with Sashimi, while she’s Linked with Dorayaki. Fallen Angel wise, go for Ghostern or Orochi. Buff yourself up with ‘Soul’ and deliver huge chunks of AoE (Area of Effect) damage to the enemy lineup with ‘Under the Banner of Samurai’. Her Link Skill is called ‘ Super Under the Banner of Samurai’ and it only deals more damage than normal.

Following the path that we’ve taken so far, it’s only fair that our next mention is a Food Soul from the Magic class. And thus it is. Her name is Vodka.

Vodka - Food Fantasy Female Characters

Vodka is also an SR Food Soul and her complimentary Fallen Angels are Red Dumpling and Aizen. She Links with B-52 and is Linked with Double Scoop. Combat wise, she’s all you need when it comes to AoE damage. As with ‘Snowy Eagle’ and ‘Polar Snow Burial’ she targets the entire enemy line and delivers damage equally to all. The only difference is that with ‘Snowy Eagle’ she has a chance of silencing all enemies, and ‘Polar Snow Burial’ providing definite stuns. With Vodka the Link Skill is also different. As it also further lengthens the stun by 1 second, as well as dealing more damage.

For our 5th Food Fantasy Female Character, we’ve decided to pick none other than Rum.

Rum - Food Fantasy Female Characters

Rum’s a UR Food Soul with no Links. Although she has preferred Fallen Angels, just like the others, and they are Garuda and Thundaruda. She’s a true damage dealer. As her abilities ‘Thunder’ and ‘Arrogance’ deal 100% of the Food Soul’s attack. ‘Arrogance’ even increases teammates energy by 10 for 5 seconds. All in all, she’s a solid damage pick. With no Links, she also doesn’t have any Link abilities.

That would be all from us on our 5 interesting Food Fantasy Female Characters! Thanks for reading and visiting our site and stay tuned! As there’s much more content to come!

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