Android upcoming games 2019

Today let’s have a look at some of the most anticipated and interesting upcoming android games 2019 that have players all around the world excited for the new year. In this list, games won’t be indexed from best to worst; rather it’s just a list of upcoming games with no correlation with their individual places on the list.

Impossible Bottles - Upcoming Android Games 2019

Impossible Bottles

Impossible Bottles is a game that’s being developed by Honig studios and is announced to come to Android in the summer of 2019. The game features a rhythm-based system in which the player taps according to the music. The music is custom made as well as the hand-drawn robots and golems that dance to it. By tapping correctly the robots will keep dancing and therefore supply power to the world, which is the goal of the player once he starts. Even the smallest mistake could tear down the entire system so the player has to pay close attention always which makes this game even more interesting.

Diablo Immortal - Upcoming Android Games 2019

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal had quite a controversial start as players at the convention weren’t very excited for a Diablo mobile game and were expecting something completely different. However, there still are a lot of players that are excited about it, therefore, it made its way to this list. This diablo game carries the game “Immortal” in which the battle between angels and demons continues as Skarn, Herald of Terror plans to gather the fragments of the corrupted Worldstone that he will then use to reignite the conflict between angels and demons by summoning Diablo. Aside from that, we have Dark Cultists that roam the land as well as known mobs from Diablo II called Vile Mothers. The story lands somewhere between Diablo II and Diablo III where the Wordstone is broken but still has its power if someone was to put it together again. The classes that are laid out are Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, Crusader, Demon Hunter and Necromancer. Not much different from the previous Diablo games of course. The controls show promise as the Diablo Immortal team put much effort into enabling the player to really show their skill in the game which is sometimes not the case with Android adaptations.

H1Z1 - Upcoming Android Games 2019

H1Z1 (Battle Royale)

H1Z1 Mobile adaptation is being invested into by NantWorks, a company with a mobile branch to yet again move H1Z1 to a new platform. The success of H1Z1 after its move to PlayStation surely encouraged developers and investors to try out new platforms so now we have Daybreak working on the newly formed H1Z1 Mobile Battle Royale project. And while some claim that, until the mobile ports get their own controller they will stay underwhelming compared to the PC and Console versions, others are excited for the new take on Battle Royale games moving to mobile and with them H1Z1.

Ravensworn Legacy - Upcoming Android Games 2019

Revansword Legacy

Anyone who enjoys open-world RPG’s is going to love Revansword Legacy. It belongs to a huge series of games already and from the footage, we have right now; we can see that the game development is in early stages with a huge world that’s ready to be built upon. The game is being developed by Crescent Moon games that is also responsible for the amazing titles such as Morphite and Mines to Mars. This company definitely likes to experiment with open world/survival adventure games so we’ll definitely have a lot of interesting stuff from them in 2019.

Song of Ruin - Upcoming Android Games 2019

Song of Ruin

A game that’s heavily being compared to Dark Souls and even goes so far as being called “Dark Souls mobile style” is an exciting up and coming game that’s expected to Launch in 2019. We already have a bunch of gameplay footage and it looks absolutely epic. Any player who loves smashing monsters and paving through waves of enemies with weapons and magical powers is going to thoroughly enjoy this game for sure. The game is being developed by Day3, a small and independent team that’s a branch of Mengjia Network. However, even though they’re not a huge team, they still really invest time into producing quality games such as Song of Ruin promises to be.

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