Era of Legends Pre-Registration

Coming from the developer and publisher 101XP, we get a new hit on the market called Era of Legends! Announced for release in the later stages of March 2019, with the Chinese market being their target, seen as they have the largest player base when it comes to mobile games. Era of Legends will be launched there first, afterward following a global release as well.

Currently, Era of Legends is in early access, meaning that the team’s still adding finishing touches and fixing glitches and bugs.
Worth mentioning is that pre-registered users get a start off gift.
The gift being, as 101XP says, ‘a mighty magic beast’.

Era of Legends Pre-Registration Gift

If you plan on investing your time into Era of Legends and you still haven’t registered, I’d strongly advise you do so. A mount can give you an upper hand in leveling at the very start and with that as an option on the table, I don’t see why people wouldn’t use it.
Granted, there may even be more rewards in the future. Maybe for the first player to reach the level cap. Thus you getting your mount on time means you’ll be in the main race for other goodies!

Era of Legends is a Free-to-Play Fantasy MMORPG with a marvelously detailed open world and stunning player models.
Given 8 playable classes with each having their level of difficulty, such as:
Warrior, Shaman, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Ranger, and Guardian.

Era of Legends Screenshot

Pick up and master your favorite class as you submit your quests on by one, on your journey in an attempt to save Eminoor from the forces of Evil.

As for any MMORPG, apart from the main Storyline and side-quests, main things to do are dungeons and raids if you’re a PvE type. If not, arenas and battlegrounds are the PvP go-to choice.
Much like in other MMORPG’s, Arenas can be played in teams of 3v3 and 5v5, as such I say good luck and watch your back! If a 5v5 arena starts and you only see 4 enemies displayed, there’s a good chance a rogue’s lurking in the shadows!

Following up on the PvE aspect of the game, I’d strongly suggest that you join a Clan. If you have any plans of end-game raiding that is. While you might think that on your own you can achieve everything, it’s a fact that you can’t. Therefore you should search for help. Besides, as mentioned before, Era of Legends is an upcoming game and as people may only tunnel vision on personal rewards. Being the first server Clan to take down a raid boss is an act which may set your name in the gaming History books!

Now, you might think that’s it, right? One can PvE and PvP just like in any game. There’s nothing new, it’s just like any other MMORPG… Well, you’re mistaken.
To accompany the gamers ‘thrill of the hunt’ for personal bests and achievements, you’ve been given various things to collect. Meaning that alongside achieving victory in PvP and overcoming dungeons and raids, you can enjoy in collecting your mounts and pets!

With all of its features Era of Legends is set to become a mobile equal to the well-known PC game World of Warcraft! Don’t miss out on a whole new and unique gaming experience!


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