New Mobile Games like Second life

Greetings to all, welcome to our discussion about upcoming virtual world games like Second Life! What we mean by saying ‘games like Second Life’, is that we’re doing a list of upcoming and anticipated games in 2019, with some features like the ones you can see in Second Life.

Starting off with our 1st game, it’s Stormland:

The highly anticipated game of 2019, Stormland is an open world VR brought to us by the Insomniac Gamers and Oculus Studios.

Stormland - New mobile games like second life

In a quest to reclaim your world, surrounded by a highly detailed environment, you start off with reforging your body in a quest to save your friends and defeat the titanium sentries and guardians. With later on options of exploring the forgotten ruins together, or playing the single player mode. What caught everybody’s eye is that it’s fully action packed. From gliding to jumping around and climbing cliffs. It tests your overall stamina as you play. Also appealing to many is that Stormland sits in the sci-fi genre, which in the 21st century draws a lot of us into testing the game out at least.

Next, in line we have The Elder Scrolls Blades:

Published and developed by the Bethesda Game Studios and Softworks teams. With several modes to play, such as Abyss, Arena and Town mode.

The Elder Scrolls Blades - New mobile games like second life

Test your skills and see how far you can go in a never-ending dungeon run. Best as many creatures as you’d like, they won’t stop coming. Brawl in the Arena mode as it’s your go-to PvP 1 on 1 mode. Town mode, as you’ve been forced into Exile as a member of the empires top agents, The Blades,  you come home and embark on your main mission to re-build your town from top to bottom. Rather, from bottom to top, as you are the one who chooses how your city will look like. From even the smallest decor details. As you finish quests and construct buildings you open up new capabilities. And as you level up your town, new NPC’s start showing up. Providing you with new quests which further on help you with leveling your city. You can visit your friend’s towns as well. The Elder Scrolls Blades will be able for all possible platforms, from VR on mobile to VR on a PC.


Last but not least, Ghost Giants:

A product from the developer and publisher Zoink, we get Ghost Giants.

Ghost Giant - New mobile games like second life

We’re all aware that often than not, times get rough and we feel like the whole weight of the world rests on top of our shoulders, in need of a helping hand we turn to our friends. Well, that’s what Ghost Giants is all about. As you’re the giant ghost in a VR game, helping out a fellow friend that feels sad and can use some company. With neet animations and a fun design take on the game, Ghost Giants has a lot of people taking a huge liking to it.. Get it, huge – Giant, huh nobody? Okay…

That would be all on our upcoming games like Second Life, hope you enjoyed!

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