Skylanders Ring of Heroes Release Date

From the collaboration of Activision and Com2uS, we get  Skylanders Ring of Heroes. A turn-based free-to-play RPG Pokemon looking type of game to add to an already long list of Skylanders games. Defeat the forces of evil and level up your Skylanders. With later on being able to even evolve them. it’s also is the most look-a-like action in-game to Pokemon. Besides the power boost, your Skylanders will obviously change look wise. Therefore it not being only esthetic.

Between Arenas and Challenges, the fun never ends in Skylanders. Even if you grow tired of PvP, jump into the PvE aspect of the game. The Campaign, which is no slouch either. Accompanied by fun storyline cutscenes in between. Overcome enemies and farm. Farm being more crucial, as it brings levels and other goodies.

You can also bring 2 Skylanders to spectate your matches.

What does that mean?

– It means that they get exp as well as the Skylanders that are battling it out on the field. They passively gain EXP.

Friendly tip: If you have a favorite Skylander which is of no use to you at his early levels, get him to spectate and grow in power!

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Ready to Battle

One cool feature that Skylanders Ring of Heroes has, is that you can also use villains to your advantage.  Even if it’s only one. Pick your Vilain and see how he can be of use to you. Every 30 seconds you can summon them for support in your battles.

Other boosts are available too, such as runes. With 6 slots to fill, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Choose wisely!

Dipping into a more important part of the game, and that’s graphics. One can see, easily at first glance, that a lot of effort’s been put into the game. Certainly not a weak point when it comes to Skylanders. Fluid and well-animated attacks, with even greater ability animations. Skylanders models and battlefields are also well designed and highly detailed.

A known fact about Skylanders is that it will also be a collector type game. Meaning that with everything above already mentioned, it only adds bonus pleasure. Up to 80 characters will be available!

Also, collecting knows no age. To further elaborate, It means that even tho the graphics may not be appealing to older gamers, the collecting part does.  Thus it widens the audience range and that’s a big plus for Skylanders.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes - Squad

When it comes to combat, it’s turn-based.  You bring 3 Skylanders with you to your matches and they each have 2 spells. Combine them right and meltdown enemy health bars on your way to victory!

Warning! If not told what to do, your Skylanders will only auto attack.

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