Tales of Wind

Get hyped for the upcoming Tales of Wind! From developer and publisher NEOCRAFT, Tales of Wind is an MMORPG open world game. Currently in closed beta.  With the closed beta release already behind us, we’re looking forward to the end of April. At which point Tales of Wind release date for North & South America, Europe, and Oceania approaches.

As the pre-registration number of players grows, the rewards on release increase. Increasing at 1, 2, 3 million and so on. Currently, the total count of reservations is 1,433,705. Meaning players are already in for a treat! The marketing team’s doing a fantastic job. And as such, it can only be said that the game will deliver a big blow in the mobile gaming community surely, on release.

Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind is actually the global version of the game called Laplace M, which has already achieved great success in Asia!

First off, you’ll need to pick a class, and as such in Tales of Wind, players are given the option to play as  Warrior, Mage, Assasin, and Cleric. It may not seem as much, but every class can go two ways. Players are given the choice to pick their specialization or ‘Promotion Path’.

Classes and their Promotion Paths:

  • Warriors – Paladin / Berserker
  • Mage – Pyromancer / Frostweaver
  • Cleric – Priest / Ranger
  • Assassin – Asura / Ninja

Following that, you’ll need to customize your character. What’s unique when it comes to customizing in Tales of Wind is that you can pick your voice type. Given the options of ‘Elegant, Sunshine, Free and Calm’. Accompanied by the following character creation options: Hairstyle, Hair Color, Eyes, and Eye Color. Tales of Wind may be lacking in character creation, but it delivers in gameplay!

Tales of Wind

Upon entering the world, you’ll need to complete the beginners tutorial. Help Willy save his village from the evil onslaught! Everything a new player needs to know so that they can kickstart their campaign is included. Using the environment to your advantage, capturing monsters you slay into cards (which you’ll further put into use) and even interact with the NPC’s with your own choice of text.

Yes, players type out their own messages as part of the interaction! Upon reaching the end of the tutorial, Willy gets possessed by a demon. You end up slaying the demon and capturing it, but Willy cannot break free and as such, he escapes!

As mentioned, you trap everything that’s important into cards, upon slaying it. Attaching cards to your equipment gives you special abilities. Seeing as you’ll slay many demons and creatures in your quests and adventures, you’ll have a wide variety from which you can choose your layout. Certain cards give you the trapped monster’s abilities, while other cards transform you into those monsters completely. Granting you even more stats and giving you more flexibility when it comes to combat.

Everybody should keep an eye out for Tales of Wind. As it may just be the next best thing!

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